Luxury pre-packaged hospital bags for mamas to focus on what really matters.

Ultimate Hospital Bag

Ultimate Hospital Bag

Overwhelmed with hospital checklists and uncertainty moms-to-be often are left wondering what do I actually need? We take the guesswork out of it all. All natural, organic products are provided to aid in labor, delivery and postpartum recovery. Going home outfits for mama and baby as well as a few extra items ensure mom is able to relax once she returns home without having to run out to the store.

SIXTEEN  essential pieces that will take her from the hospital to home, bringing supreme comfort to those first moments with her new bundle of joy! Includes her choice of one of our top selling Mommy Bags, Going Home outfit for momma with a matching swaddle. A going home outfit for baby with matching knit cap, toiletries. Postpartum recovery items such as Perineal Spray, Vegan Nipple Butter, muscle recovery balm, all-natural baby wash set, Honey Pot Maternity Pads, Nursing pads, and a mask. All products are organic and all-natural. She’ll also get our limited-edition Maternity gift set (breast and perineal gel packs), the ideal bag to pack everything she needs at the hospital (with four pockets to help her stay organized). A dream gift for the expectant mom in your life!

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