Bereavement Leave for Pregnancy Loss and Stillbirth

Bereavement Leave for Pregnancy Loss and Stillbirth

On Wednesday New Zealand's Parliament unanimously passed legislation that would entitle mothers and their partners to bereavement leave following a pregnancy loss or stillbirth.

Politician Ginney Andersen, who proposed the bill, praised New Zealand on Wednesday for "leading the way for progressive and compassionate legislation."

"I hope this bill will go some way in recognizing the need for time and space to deal with the imaginable grief that comes with losing a pregnancy," she said.

New Zealand is the second country to offer miscarriage leave. In India, a woman is entitled to six weeks of paid maternity after a miscarriage or medical termination, according to the maternity benefit act.

Though one in for pregnancies ends in miscarriage. Many U.S. women feel pressured to go right back to work after pregnancy loss.

Why can't America get it right? How are we this first world country that looks down on every other country in the world and we not take care of each other.

One thing I have realized is that the government is not going to save us. We, the people, have always saved us. Getting our boats and rescuing people from floods, sending food, letting strangers stay in our house.
We've always rallied behind one another and do you know why? Because of love.

We love each other. Whenever a disaster strikes, we think "wow, that could've been me, or my brother." Our first thought isn't to hop on a plane and go to the beach.

It's time we start rallying for a change for our mothers. We do way too much not only for not only our family but for our country to get the short end of the stick over and over again.
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