New Year New You?

New Year New You?

JAN 2, 2020

Maybe We Should Try New Year Old Me

Happy New Year!
New Year new me right?

A common phrase, but maybe we should try new year OLD you 👀.

Hear me out. Motherhood can leave us desiring our old life sometimes. Not in a bad way, but whether it's the body we used to have, how we used to go out dancing, clothes we used to pull off, there are facets of our former self that can still be brought with us.

There are parts of us we may have buried, or suppressed for the sake of motherhood. It's expected. This year I encourage to dig up a little piece of the former you and commit to bringing a piece of that into the New Year. Wearing red lipstick, doing a Zumba class, whatever it is that you used to enjoy, revive it. Bring it back to life.

2020 was trash but it also had its upside.
I always write down goals throughout the year. I really wasn’t sure what to write for 2021, but I came up with a few things. A lot of them had to do with putting myself first. I felt guilty for even wanting that to be my goal and I struggled with ways to do that but nevertheless here we are.
I’ve started putting myself first these past 3 months so some of these goals are just going to be a continuation of what I’ve been doing.
1. Take a 20 min shower. (I have to set a timer because if I don’t I’ll hurry up and rush to get everybody else taken care of. It’s the only time I can really decompress. My family will be fine.)
2. Eat more. I started a coaching program and after tracking my food for a couple days I was SEVERELY under eating. My coach explained that's why I was always so tired, because I didn’t have enough to fuel.
3. Read my affirmations daily. (A new habit I picked up. Speaking life into myself, I’m so unkind when I talk to me. Having affirmations and reading them aloud has built my confidence in my role as a mom)😊
4. Commit to one yes for me. That "yes" lately has been going to the gym at least once a week. It’s the one thing I MAKE time for. It’s small but I’m trying to have as much discipline to my own health and well-being as I do everybody else’s
5. Laugh more. Nothing was funny about 2020. This year I’m going to find more joy and gratitude in things daily.


Commit to one YES for you. you're worth it.

It’s time to be honest!

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