What to Include In Your Pre-Packaged Labor and Delivery Bag


A lot will be going through your head when you go into labor. Having a pre-packed labor and delivery bag ready to go is a great way to ensure you don't forget any of the essentials when you're on the way to the hospital. 



Important Documents for Mom and Dad

You'll fill out a lot of paperwork for the baby, so make sure you have the social security numbers for both you and your partner. Other important documents you’ll need include:


  • Photo IDs
  • Insurance information
  • Hospital forms
  • Birth plan
  • Your Own Toiletries


Your Own Toiletries


Toiletries are a vital part of your hospital bag, as you're likely to be in the hospital for a couple of days. Make sure to pack your own

  • shampoo/conditioner
  • toothbrush/toothpaste,
  • face wash,
  • lotion,
  • Body wash
  • large dark-colored towel
  • Always Infinity Pads size 5 or Honey Pot Postpartum Pads

and any other toiletries that make you feel comfortable.


Comfy Clothes for You

The hospital can get pretty cold. You'll be in a hospital gown during delivery, but you'll be able to slip into some of your own clothes after. Be sure to pack some warm clothes that you'll feel comfortable in. Wear something loose and baggy. Consider putting these in your bag:


  • Soft nursing tank or loose-fitting shirt
  • Sweatpants or leggings
  • Plush robe
  • Nursing bras or pads
  • Baby socks and mittens
  • A warm hat for the baby
  • Supportive slippers or flip-flops for yourself


Clothes for baby

Baby will be wrapped up their swaddle most of the time, but you're going to want to take some super cute photos. I recommend getting the onesies that are able to be cuffed over baby's tiny hands or a super stretchy swaddle.



This probably seems minor but you're going to want to be sure to pack some. You'll be happy you did!


With your pre-packed labor and delivery bag ready to go, that's one less thing to worry about as you welcome your new family member! 


Phone Charger

Your phone battery will drain quickly from taking photos and updating friends and family, so be sure you bring a phone charger with an extra-long cord.


Something to hold your hair back

Whether its a headband, hair tie or clip, you're going to want something to hold your tresses at bay.



Car Seat

While not likely to fit in your hospital bag, it’s a good idea to have a car seat nearby as a reminder before heading to the hospital. After delivery, have someone bring the car seat to the hospital room to ensure it’s correctly adjusted before you leave to take baby home. 

A car seat that has been sitting in a car in the hospital parking lot may be too hot or cold for baby. Bringing the car seat to the hospital room will also ensure it’s a comfortable temperature. 


Having all of these essentials packed in your hospital bag will help make the transition from home to hospital a smooth one, so you and baby can focus on what really matters – meeting each other!






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