5 Ways To Soothe a Crying Baby

Posted on April 24 2019

5 Ways To Soothe a Crying Baby
Easy is obviously a loose term here. A few minutes of crying can seem like an eternity. There is nothing worse than an inconsolable baby. Lost and irritated from the screeching cries, with no direction on what to do after you’ve tried everything, can leave any parent on the verge of a breakdown. Once you’ve scratched out the obvious crying reasons give these a try.
  1. 1. Calm Down

It’s hard to console a crying a baby when you need consoling yourself. Take a few deep breaths. Know that you are a good mom. A crying baby is normal. You will get through this. If you have someone around who can hold your baby for few minutes while you get yourself together take advantage of it. If not, make a cup of tea and take a minute for yourself. Babies can truly sense your energy and you want your new calm energy to transfer to them. Don't let them pick up on your own anxiety. This too shall pass. You got this mama!

2. See if they’re still hungry
It’s amazing how much a new baby will eat. When I first had Bailee, I had no idea why she would be hollering, but I didn’t want to feed her more because of the doctor’s “guidelines”, bump that. It’s every man for themselves when it comes to soothing your baby. Just try to feed them an oz. of formula or breast milk and see if they’ll take it. If they’re not hungry they won’t eat. If you’re worried about them over eating, you can tell if they spit up right after. Think of it as them being so filled up to the brim that there’s “overflow” when they get more milk. Start with a small amount like an ounce, if they inhale it, then you can adjust how much more you want to give them accordingly.
3. They’re having Tummy Troubles
Gas is usually the main culprit. There are a few ways you can treat gas. I tried Gripe Water for a while, but didn’t see much of a difference with it. Mylicon drops are amazing! Literally a saving grace. You can get them at any drugstore for a few dollars. They help relieve gas without any side effects and it’s safe to use after every feeding, if necessary. You can also YouTube, the “I love you” massage. It helps relives gas and constipation. Bailee was out of control one morning, hollering like a wild banshee and I had no idea what was wrong with her. I tried feeding her, she was clean, I sang in vain, and even gave her a bath. I did the” I love you” massage on her for about 5-7 minutes and 30 minutes later she had a massive blowout, but was much happier. Also, when you burp them, try placing them on their tummy on your forearm and cradle their head between your thumb and forefinger. The slight pressure on their belly releases a better burp.
4. Light some stress relieving candles or oils
You’d be surprised how well these works. Many of them are filled with calming essential oils like peppermint, eucalyptus, or lavender. The aroma is gentle, and can start settle the uneasiness your baby may be feeling. If you have an essential oil humidifier drop some oils in and watch your baby begin to settle down.
5. Cuddle, Cuddle, Cuddle
 Seriously, a baby knows its mama or daddy. Cuddling with a swaddle or just being curled up next you will always be a place of comfort for them since it reminds them of the womb. No need for any fancy smells here. The natural smell your body emits is one of their favorite scents.

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