How A New Dad Can Bond With Their New Baby

Posted on April 24 2019

How A New Dad Can Bond With Their New Baby

There is a lot of information out there for new moms. What to you eat? How to lose weight? What to do about postpartum depression, but there are questions that new dads have too. The main one being how can I bond with the baby too? Just because mom has housed the baby in their womb for the last 9 months, doesn't mean they're closer. Moms have their roles and dads have theirs, but they are both equally important. Here are a few tips that new dads can use to help solidify their bond with their little one. 

1. Take the Night Shift
That really helped my husband create his own bond with our daughter Bailee. He learned her nuances, the way she liked to beheld to go to sleep, how to soothe her and the silly faces that made her laugh the hardest. If your baby is breastfed you can handle the burping and bring them to mama for nursing. Also, depending how your family has breastfeeding setup you can handle the feedings out of the bottle sometimes, specifically at night so mama can sleep.
2. Try To Have Your Own Alone Time
Naturally, us mothers are going to hear a whimper and want to swoop in and take care of it ourselves, but encourage us to take a day, go get our nails done, so that you are able to establish your own relationship without us around. How else will you get to know your baby.
3. Skin to Skin
Laying your baby on your chest when they're sleep is indescribable. It’s the best feeling in the world. Some say if you do that, then they won’t sleep by themselves. You really have a good 3-4 months before you need to start worrying about all that. Even if it’s not skin to skin, let them hear the rhythm of your heart. Take advantage of this as much as you can while their immobile. It'll be a thing of the once they start moving.
4.Talk To Them In The Belly
While your significant other is pregnant, talk to them. They can hear you, and recognize the sound of your voice. It’s never to early to start establishing a relationship. Maybe even come up with your own nickname for them. My husband calls our baby Breezy.
5. Do Things Your Own Way
Yes, mama bear is going to have specific ways she like to do things, but having your own way will help reinforce your bond. Creating a bath routine is great. It may not be the same way as mom's but as long as the baby is clean and moisturized how wrong could you do it.
6. Buy Matching Outfits
Moms don’t have to be the only ones who have all the fun. Yes there are tons of mommy and me outfits but there are also daddy and me ones. This is one of the things where you’re like “ this is so unnecessary”, but you’ll low-key like that you did it.

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