Packing the Perfect Diaper Bag: Infant Edition

Posted on April 24 2019

Packing the Perfect Diaper Bag: Infant Edition
You know those girls that always overpack? Like they bring 2 full suitcases for a weekend away?
I am not one of those girls.
When traveling or even just getting out of the house, I like to bring as little as I can. I don’t like having a heavy purse or huge suitcase. Once, when my husband and I went to NYC for a week, we brought only one carry-on for the both of us!
But being a minimalist packer does not work with a newborn. They are totally unpredictable and need lots of things to keep them clean, fed, warm, and dry. Honestly I pack more for an afternoon at the mall with my baby than I would pack for myself for a week long vacation!

I’ve accepted this change and now I honestly feel better carrying everything she needs, even if it seems like a lot. When I’m out of the house, I’m confident I can handle anything my little miss throws at me- whether that be a blowout or a spontaneous diaper rash.

Keeping an organized and well-stocked diaper bag will bring you peace, too. And it will make your outings a breeze! Here is my guide to packing the perfect diaper bag! All of these things are a must. Like I said earlier, I don’t like to overpack!

First, you need a great diaper bag. There are so many stylish options out there!

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Here is the diaper bag I use. I LOVE it. It has so much space so I can easily fit everything I need. It also has tons of interior pockets and even and insulated one for keeping milk cold. It’s also so cute and I don’t feel like it’s a “diaper bag” when I’m wearing it.


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I totally understand that this diaper bag is a bit of an investment, though. If you’re looking for more affordable diaper bags, here are a few highly-rated options I was looking at buying as well! These are all backpack designs as well- I think they are way easier than shoulder bags when you have your hands full with a baby!


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Great! Now that you have an adorable diaper bag, you need to fill it! Here are all of the things you need, with links to my favorite products.

Keep Baby Fed:

    • Thermos: Keep a mini thermos with you filled with warm water (to use with formula) or filled with chilled breastmilk! This is helpful because finding warm water on the go can be hard and your breastmilk will stay fresh for longer!
    • Bottle: I keep a bottle with me even if my baby just ate because infants are unpredictable and may want to eat when you aren’t expecting it! I linked my favorite bottles.
    • Nursing cover: If you are nursing then you can leave the bottle and take this instead. I love this nursing cover because you can also use it as a car seat cover.
    • Burp cloths: I always keep 2 or 3 burp cloths with me, and they always come in handy. I actually technically use cloth diapers as burp cloths- they are more absorbent!

Keep Baby Clean:

    • Diapers: Always pack as many diapers as you think you need and then double it. It’s just better to be safe! I learned this lesson the hard way 😅
    • Wipes: Wipes aren’t just needed for diaper changes- you’ll want a good supply to clean up spit up and sticky fingers.
    • Changing pad: Lots of diaper bags come with changing pads, but if yours didn’t, here is a highly rated one.
    • Plastic Ziplock bag: Bring a plastic bag so you can throw in dirty clothes/rags in it and not get the rest of your diaper bag dirty.

Keep Baby Warm:

    • Change of clothes: I bring 2 or 3 outfit changes for my baby as well. I love shopping from Carters,Little Lu Shop, and H&M.
    • Swaddle: Swaddles are great on the go because they can help a fussy baby calm down and stay warm. I linked my favorite swaddles- they are much more stretchy and soft than typical muslin swaddles!
    • Baby wrap: This is one of my favorite baby items to keep on hand! I love babywearing and being able to keep her right against my chest and keeping my hands free if she gets fussy on the go. I linked my favorite brand of baby wraps!

Keep Baby Happy:

    • Snot sucker: This works so much better than the standard nose aspirator! I keep this with me at all times because you don’t know when your baby’s nose will get stuffy and make it hard to breathe!
    • Gripe water: This natural medicine helps ease gas pain and has come in handy on the go many times for us!
    • Diaper rash cream: Diaper rashes can come out of NOWHERE. I learned the hard way to keep it with you at all times!

Keep Mama Happy:

    • Water bottle for mama: Nursing makes me sooo thirsty, so keeping a water bottle with me is a must!
    • Extra shirt for mom: Throw in a lightweight extra shirt for you, just in case you get spit up on or leak breast milk through your clothes!
    • Snacks: I like to keep snacks with me because nursing makes me sooo hungry!

I know it may seem like a lot of items, but I can fit everything snuggly into my diaper bag! And when I go out, I’m not worried about anything!

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