Parenting Kids in the Digital Age: Balancing Technology + Tradition

Posted on November 15 2019

Parenting Kids in the Digital Age: Balancing Technology + Tradition

Whether you’re parenting teenagers or toddlers there is no denying the impact technology has on our children. My mom recently got Bailee (my 16months old) an Amazon Fire and after one use, when we took it away, she had the most epic meltdown I’ve ever seen.  She’s not exposed to technology often as my husband and I don’t let her play on our phones and we don’t have a tablet. We do play Baby Shark on YouTube and she likes to disable our iPhone by tapping all the buttons on the screen, but other than that she doesn’t have much access to technology. Maybe I’m old school. I like teaching her things the traditional way. I like showing her ABC’s on physical cards, shapes on charts and colored bean bags to teach. She looooves playing outside. Touching leaves and digging in dirt is her favorite learning center.  However, I am learning how to incorporate technology without letting it run our house. I’m realizing it’s all about balance. I don’t have to be a technology Nazi but I also don’t have to use a chisel and stone to teach her either. I’ve listed a few of my favorite learning tools from my favorite companies below.

  1. Lovevery 

is a subscription box service that gives you stage-based toys for your little. The toys are made with sustainably forested wood, organic cotton and baby-safe plastics. They bring academic, researchers and practioners from a wide range of disciplines together for a simple holistic approach. Designed to be exactly what children need at each stage. You receive your subscription box every 2-3 months depending on your child’s stage.


  1. ABC Mouse

is a web-based full online curriculum for children ages 2-8 years old. At only $9.95 per month you gain access to a variety of subjects ranging from phonics to math. Your child builds an account that they can personalize with their name. You then create a learning path for them to play learning games that improve their reading comprehension or teach them colors.


  1. MontiKids

 is a subscription based comprehensive and authentic Montessori toy curriculum. You select the level your child is on ranging from level 1 ( 0-3.5 months old) to level 8 (29-36 months). Parents have access to Monti Kids Learning Center that is packed with instructional videos, research and tips. You also have access to a private Monti Kids families group moderated by Montessori educators. All products are sustainably sourced and safety certified for 0-3 years. This subscription service is shipped every 3 months.


  1. LeapFrog

 is an oldie but goodie. They have always been at the forefront of creating new ways for children to learn. Leapfrog has products for littles ranging for 3 months to 9 years. From dancing pandas to logic and problem solving they have a product for every step of the journey. I truly like how they mix physical activity with technology. Some of the products they have to touch with the stylus to actually write out their letters or press the pen down on a word they do not know. These items can picked up at your local Walmart or Target. You can also purchase them on Amazon.


I’ve found that the best teaching approach comes from learning what’s best for your child. Not every child learns the same way, so you have to customize their need, with different learning style and teaching techniques. Balancing between technological advances and old school dirt and play will surely bring up a well-rounded child capable of learning through many different mediums.

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