Best Online Courses to Prepare for Baby

Best Online Courses to Prepare for Baby

With information circulating the internet, it can be difficult to know who to listen to and who to disregard. YouTube, blogs, and magazine articles can only take you so far. Fortunately, there are some great resources online that you can take that are equivalent to a Lamaze class in the comfort of your own home. 


The benefits of online courses are lifetime access to the content and any updated material that is provided. It's self-paced, no need to feel rushed or like you missed anything. I love that you can always go back and look at the material as a refresher or follow along when you have time. These are the best online courses to prepare for baby.


The Mommy Labor Nurse

 Creator Liesel Teen is a labor and delivery nurse, mom, and wife. After having a fulfilling birth experience at her hospital she wanted to educate other moms in hopes that more women feel empowered and educated about motherhood, instead of scared and anxious. She has a passion for educating women and her material is so easy to understand! Her courses consist of video, pictures, simulations, and practical situations. Her personal experience and knowledge shine bright and left me saying "ohhhhhh, I get it" so many times. 


She has three courses available

  1. Birth Class (Natural-Focused): This course provides you with the confidence and knowledge you need to achieve your goal of an unmedicated birth.
  2. Birth Class (Epidural-Focused): This course provides you with strategies to cope with the pain before your epidural, understanding both the benefits, side effects, and process of an epidural, and having a prepared partner
  3. Newborn Basics 101:  Covering months (0-3). By far my favorite course. Instead of fumbling through Google in searching for answers with a hollering baby, this course saved gave me so much peace of mind. Liesel troubleshoots common obstacles, provides comprehensive newborn care education aligned with the American Academy of Pediatrics recommendations, and an all-in-one reference for when things come up.

 Karing for Postpartum

My next mama is a rockstar as well! Karrie Locher is an RN as well who provides courses and guides that you'll thank me for later.


Her Karing for Baby Guide is only $14.99 and provides cheat sheets, worksheets, and other fun pintables you'll want to have on hand as you troubleshoot all things baby and pumping. From mastering milk storage, introducing a bottle to building a sleep routine this guide is a quick and easy resource for baby how-tos.


Conquer the Early Weeks of Breastfeeding is a course that will help you establish a good milk supply, introduce your pump and how to set it up, show you how to build a freezer stash, know when baby is getting enough to eat, and more. 


You can watch all of these courses as many times as you'd like and at anytime. That's why I adore online courses, I rather stumble through it alone than in front of a group of strangers, but the support they provide leaves you comfortable and confident entering motherhood.


Check them out! These are also perfect gifts to add to your baby registry as well. 

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