About Us

Hi! My name is Adiyah Bell and I am the owner of Llama Momma Company. I am a first time mom to a now almost one year old girl named Bailee Grace. Her favorite things to do include: pulling all her books of her bookshelf after I just put them all away, letting the dog lick her hand before she puts it in her mouth, and sounding like Chewbacca when my pastor is starting his sermon.
When I first found out I was pregnant I was in total disbelief. Then I was super excited! Then I began to do what every first time mom does and that’s google every symptom, hospital checklist and “what if” known to man. Now that I am on the other side of this 1st timer journey I created Llama Momma Company to help expecting moms on their own adventure into motherhood.
I've created some Momma Kits that would not only help 1st time moms but all expecting moms. Our main Momma Kit is the Pre-packaged Hospital Bag, currently. I was so overwhelmed by the different hospital checklists and YouTube videos I saw that I barely even packed a bag, because I didn’t know what I really needed. Not only that but I suffered with severe morning sickness my first 2 trimesters. So doing anything other than breathing was a monumental task.
More Momma Kits are in the works! The struggles I had breastfeeding and recovery from delivery made it important for me to give women access to the items needed to heal, while they take care of themselves and their newborn.
I could talk about our products forever, but I wanted to say Welcome to Llama Momma Company. I can’t wait to ride along this journey of motherhood with you!
 Let’s do motherhood together!
Adiyah Bell