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The postpartum experience often takes many mommas off guard. Even with a great support system it can still be overwhelming. Amanda, founder + director of CourageMama provides a 4 week-online course where you will design a personalized postpartum plan. Postpartum recovery is often an after thought, but just as you plan for the birth of your baby you must also prepare yourself for your birth as a mother. Have the information and tools to prepare now, while you're pregnant, so that your postpartum is as positive and empowering as can be.

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Whether you want an epidural, want to go natural, don't know what you want, are having a VBAC, or a c-section. Mommy Labor Nurse has a course just for you! She has been a labor + delivery nurse for over 4 years and enjoys sharing her nursing knowledge to help mamas-to-be learn more about pregnancy and birth.

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It's no secret that breastfeeding can be tumultuous journey, but Dr. Robyn Thompson has developed The Thompson Method. A gentle,evidence based approach to breastfeeding that's reducing the risk of complications for women in labour, birth and breastfeeding. It challenges commonly taught, forceful techniques and informs women in pregnancy so that they can avoid the common complications. The Thompson method also helps women overcome breastfeeding pain, stress and overwhelm in the presence of existing complications

If the traditional style of breastfeeding has been struggle, give this technique a try. She has loads of free video tutorials and courses. They are in Australian dollar so they're cheaper than what's show :) You can also request a full refund if you are not 100% satisfied with any of the programs!

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Put anything on your baby registry from any store! No more creating 3 and 4 registries. Have everything you want all in one place. It's as easy to use a Pintrest!

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